American Virtual Cloud Technologies (AVCtechnologies) keeps you one step ahead of any security threats with our timely support, efficient security management, and threat intelligence.

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With our Security Information and Event Management, maintain awareness of malicious cyber activity that might be occurring in your environment with 24x7x365 threat monitoring.


Take a proactive approach to understanding your vulnerabilities and the risk level they impose with continuous vulnerability scanning and reporting powered by AVCtechnologies.

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With NextGen Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response, preventative and automated detection measures are deployed to mitigate threats that target your endpoints, ensuring you maintain control of your IT environment.

We Hunt the Threats

Stay protected from the latest vulnerabilities with dynamic threat intelligence that helps thwart new exploits as they are discovered by security researchers and organizations.

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Secure your business from email fraud, phishing, malicious attachments, and harmful URLs. AVCtechnologies offers email defense that protects your users and keeps them productive.

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AVCtechnologies enhances secure access by offering an effective and user-friendly multi-factor authentication solution to stop hackers from compromising your user credentials and gaining unauthorized access to your systems and applications.

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Stress-free communication with AVCtechnologies 24x7x365. The US-based state-of-the-art Network Operations Center uses its industry-leading management and monitoring tools to troubleshoot and remediate any inconvenience you may face.